Presentation guidelines

  1. These guidelines apply to all authors presenting an e-poster.
  2. All e-posters need to be handed in with the following specifications:
    • PDF file (landscape format 1920 x 1080 Px, max. 2MB)
    • include all co-authors and their contact details on the poster itself
    • Please be referred to ten simple rules for a good e-poster
  3. Please also upload the following information and files:
    • Name of the Poster: The file names are automatically used as titles. The PDFs should therefore be named briefly and clearly. Only use web-compliant file names, i.e. the characters A-Z, a-z, underscore and hyphen. 
    • Contact details of the lead author for publication next to the poster, especially email address in case of questions from the viewers
    • Audio description of your poster (max. 2 minutes): Two files with identical contents: as MP3 and OGG files. Since some browsers only play one or the other format, both formats must be stored.
    • Please use the ID mentioned in the email we sent out to all poster authors in December 2020 for naming your poster and audio file
    • Preview image: A JPG image as preview image of the e-poster for the overview page.
    • Description text: A short description text for the overview page with maximum 300 characters.
    • Please upload all required files via the Owncloud  link we sent to all poster authors in December 2020. The upload is anonymous. Therefore please note the following naming of your files: your PosterID_pdf, your PosterID_audio, your posterID_descrition etc.
    • Deadline for upload: 15 January 2021

Please note that the acceptance of your abstract does not include the conference registration. If you are not yet registered, please click on the following link for online registration (registration deadline: 26 February 2021
): Conference Registration

Online Plattform

Please note that you do not need any special software to join the online platform. It is recommended to use Google Chrome as a browser to enter the online platform. Interplan will sent out the log in details to the online platform prior to March 9, 2021 to make sure that everyone can test the access in advance. 

Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations should not exceed 15 min, followed by 5 min of questions. If you cannot give your oral presentation for any reason, please nominate, if possible, a co-author as a substitute. Please be referred to ten simple rules for making good oral presentations. 

Presentation Upload

For your lectures during the symposium SHE 2021, we would like to ask you to provide us with your presentations in advance by uploading them to the upload storage reserved for you on the cloud portal of our technical service provider LUXAV. The personal link for each presenter will be sent out end of January 2021. 

The upload of your contribution is only possible between February 15 and March 2. Please note that only the final contribution can be uploaded, no changes or deletions are possible once the presentation has been uploaded. Changes can only be made via INTERPLAN and are subject to a charge.

Instructions and Guidelines for Uploading

For each lecture allocated to you during the event, please submit all files required for a proper presentation. If you are presenting several lectures, please upload the appropriate number of presentations into the corresponding subfolders of your upload area. Make sure that all files are named clearly and comprehensibly and repeat the upload procedure described above for each of your presentations.

Live Presentation via Zoom

If you would like to present your lecture live during the event, please submit it in advance as a Microsoft PowerPoint® file. We support all common PowerPoint presentation formats up to and including version 2019. The recommended aspect ratio for your presentation is 16:9. Further explanations about the Zoom function will be sent to you end of January. 

If you want to show videos during your presentation, please ensure that you have all the media files needed – either as a separate file or embedded in your PowerPoint presentation. Embedding media files is only possible from version 2010 of PowerPoint (only in the newer “.pptx” file format). If your slides were created with an older version or the PowerPoint® file has the extension “.ppt”, then please enclose your video files separately.

Please make sure to only use fonts that are available by default under Windows when creating your presentation. If the use of additional fonts cannot be avoided, please use the “Embed fonts in the file” function with the “Embed all characters” option when saving (under Tools – Save Options) from PowerPoint. If this is not possible, please enclose the fonts separately.

All submitted files must be readable by a standard PC system under Windows 10 – this, of course, also applies to the presentations created with “PowerPoint® for MAC”. Some animations and embedded TIF images in presentations created with “PowerPoint® for MAC” may lead to compatibility problems. Therefore, please refrain from using “PowerPoint® for MAC” specific animations and use PNG or JPG as the format for your image files.

Presentation by Pre-Recorded Video Lecture

If it is not possible for you to give a live presentation of your lecture during the event, you can instead pre-record your lecture and submit it as a finished video file.

The event will be streamed in 16:9 image format and in full HD resolution. Optimum quality is achieved if your presentation video is also available in this form. Contributions that are available in a lower resolution or are not in 16:9 image format will still be accepted by us and presented as is.

We prefer to accept video files in the formats MP4 (H.264 codec) or Windows Media (WMV). Different video formats are checked and used by us if they can be played back without errors. Should problems arise, we will contact you at the e-mail address you provided to the organizer of the event. Tips for the pre-recording of presentation will be sent out in January. 

Test meeting zoom

 Already now we would like to inform you that there will be a zoom test meeting for all speakers and chairmen in preparation for the event. The date and the exact schedule will be sent to you in due time.


Jens Wünsche

University of Hohenheim

Jana Reichel 

Interplan AG

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