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Horticultural policies and economics

Time Author Title Key 15:50-16:10 Esther Bravin, Diana Zwahlen Economic evaluation of low-residue fruit production systems O-116 16:10-16:30 Sarah Francoise Meyer, Sabine Ludwig-Ohm, Hanna Wildenhues, Hildegard Garming Feasibility and economic analysis of improved nitrogen fertilization measures O-117 16:30-16:50 Karoline D’Haene, Georges Hofman Does legislation mitigate the impact of soil phosphorus on water quality? O-118 16:50-17:10 …

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Human responses to horticulture

Time Author Title Key 10:30-10:50 Ahmad Hassan Physiological and psychological effects of gardening activity in older adults O-111 10:50-11:10 Cora Huhn Plant knowledge in training – a thorn in their eye? O-112 11:10-11:30 Mira Lehberger Understanding the willingness to pay for horticultural products produced with beneficial insects – do the Big Five matter? O-113 11:30-11:50 …

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Fruit responses to storage conditions

Time Author Title Key 15:50-16:10 Sanja Baric, Alberto Storti, Tamás Drexler, Greice Amaral Carneiro Taxonomic diversity of fungal postharvest pathogens of apple in South Tyrol O-106 16:10-16:30 Margarita Hadjipieri, Egli Georgiadou, Vasilis Fotopoulos, George Manganaris Dissection of the incidence and severity of purple spot physiological disorder in loquat fruit O-107 16:30-16:50 Ulrike Praeger, Manfred Linke, …

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Storage and fruit ripening

Time Author Title Key 10:30-10:50 Daniel Alexandre Neuwald, Fabio Rodrigo Thewes, Felix Büchele, Auri Brackmann, Jens Wünsche Influence of dynamic controlled atmosphere on the `Elstar´ and `Nicoter´ apples in dynamics of sugar, anaerobic metabolism enzymes and metabolites O-101 10:50-11:10 Adriana Guerreiro, Dulce Antunes, Rui Guerra, Custódia Gago, Fernão Veloso, Luísa Freitas Storage temperature effect on …

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Evaluation of fruit cultivars and production systems

Time Author Title Key 15:50-16:10 David Doll, Joao Freire de Andrade Almond production in Portugal: Planting trends and production challenges within a developing industry O-96 16:10-16:30 Anabela Fernandes-Silva, Luís Canas, Thyago Brito, Pedro Marques Regulated and sustained deficit irrigation impacts on yield components of olive trees O-97 16:30-16:50 Kujtim Lepaja, Lavdim Lepaja, Endrit Kullaj Fruit …

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Vegetable and mushroom cultivation systems

Time Author Title Key 10:30-10:50 Toky Ramananjatovo, Gerhard Buck-Sorlin, Etienne Chantoiseau, Patrice Cannavo, Pascale Guillermin, Rene Guenon, Mickael Delaire Microclimatic conditions affect lettuce growth in apple tree – lettuce intercropping O-91 10:50-11:10 Anna J. Keutgen, Norbert Keutgen Influence of intercropping system with herbs on yield and quality of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) O-92 11:10-11:30 F. …

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Plant protection

Time Author Title Key 15:50-16:10 Vera Breiing, Michael Petry, Ralf Pude, Thorsten Kraska Self-drying plant oils in plant protection O-86 16:10-16:30 Carlo Risi, Jean Francois Niebes, Xavier Van Watermeulen, Joachim Meyer IPM based  pest control case study Movento O-87 16:30-16:50 Johannes Werth, Michael Beck,Ute Wilhelm, Dominikus Kittemann Influence of different measures for weed control on …

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Biostimulants and hydroponic systems

Time Author Title Key 10:30-10:50 Lilian Schmidt, Frederik Langner, Otmar Löhnertz Is it possible to increase the mineral content of culinary herbs by supplying the drainage of hydroponically-grown cucumber plants? O-81 10:50-11:10 Sergey Kornatskiy, Vadim Plyushchikov Hydroponic system for growing strawberry plantlets in a greenhouse O-82 11:10-11:30 Diyana Aleksandrova, Nataliya Dimitrova, Viktorija Nikolova, Lilyana Nacheva …

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Soil microorganisms in plant production systems

Time Author Title Key 15:50-16:10 K. Burow, J. Brandes, P. Franken Prerequisites and approaches for integrating root-endophytic fungi in plant production systems O-76 16:10-16:30 Nathan Nordstedt, Michelle Jones Native rhizosphere bacteria improve health and quality of greenhouse ornamentals O-77 16:30-16:50 Andrei Kuzin, Mikhail Akimov, Grigory Pugachev, Ludmila Stepantsova Evaluating the efficacy of bacterial phosphorus fertilizers …

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Growing substrate and alernatives to peat

Time Author Title Key 10:30-10:50 Anja Kretzschmann, Walter Dirksmeyer Quantification of the amount of peat and substrate used in tree nurseries in Germany O-71 10:50-11:10 Ute Katharina Vogler, Andrew Gallik, Jacques Fuchs, Christoph Carlen Towards a peat-free horticulture in Europe O-72 11:10-11:30 Van T.H. Nguyen, Georg Völkering, Karl-Josef Wiesel, Ralf Pude, Thorsten Kraska Miscanthus as …

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Jens Wünsche

University of Hohenheim

Jana Reichel 

Interplan AG

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