Poster Session 3

Abstract Author Poster Title Poster Number
Pollinators and propagation
Vera Joedecke, Manuel Treder, Ute Ruttensperger, Peter Rosenkranz Practical approaches to promote pollinator diversity in urban areas by using perennials P-35
Ute Ruttensperger, Susanne Bonk, Melanie Marquardt, Peter Rosenkranz Ornamental flowers in urban areas as additional food source for pollinating insects P-36
Suputtra Hegele, Martin Hegele, Jens-Norbert Wünsche Low-cost gelling agents for tissue culture propagation of plantain P-37
Maria Papafotiou, Maria Maniati In vitro propagation and ex vitro acclimatization of Pittosporum angustifolium P-38
Georgia Vlachou, Aikaterini N. Martini, Maria Papafotiou Effect of plant growth regulators and explant type on in vitro shoot multiplication of Salvia officinalis P-39
Nataliya Dimitrova, Lilyana Nacheva, V. Ivanova, Artem Medkov Improvement of in vitro growth and rooting of Magnolia P-40
Lamprini Tasoula, Aikaterini N. Martini, Maria Papafotiou, Konstantinos F. Bertsouklis Comparative growth of rooted cuttings of five Mediterranean sage species (Salvia sp.) P-41
Georgia Vlachou, Aikaterini N. Martini, Anastasia Akoumianaki, Maria Papafotiou Seasonal variation of rooting of Ballota acetabulosa stem cuttings P-42
Precision horticulture
Braulio R Villatoro, Rodolfo E. Fuentes, Melanie J. Samayoa, Jorge Dafonte, Javier J Cancela Vegetation index obtained from satellite images for yield maps in sugar cane P-43
Ming-Hwi Yao, Yi-Wei Chiu, Hsing-Chuan Hsieh, Ting-Huai Chang, Yuh-Jye Lee Micro-weather forecast and crop physiological indicators for controlling the microclimate inside greenhouses P-44
tbd tbd P-45
Daniel Tran, Antoine Chandelier, Elena Najdenovska, Laura Raileanu, Cédric Camps Early detection of Tetranychus urticae in tomato soilless culture using electrophysiology and machine learning P-46
Andre Sradnick, Susanne Kramer Optimization of the use of fertilizers by means of a real-time sensor based system and the software N-Expert P-47
Growing substrate: Alernatives to peat
Ute Katharina Vogler, Marie Ohmes, Kai-Uwe Schwarz, Maren Langhof Alternatives to peat in horticultural production systems P-48
Aikaterini Martini, Maria Papafotiou, Konstantinos Evangelopoulos Growth of the edible medicinal native species Crithmum maritimum L. on an extensive urban green roof as affected by substrate type and depth P-49
Yüksel Tüzel, Erkan Sahin Production opportunities of rocket and purslane in growing media P-50
Diemo Daum, Isabell Bruegger, Winfried Temming Boron dynamics in a peat-based growing medium and its impact on the growth of basil P-51
Storage and fruit ripening
Hun-Joong Kweon, Youngsuk Lee, Seon-Ae Kim, Moo-Yong Park, Dongyong Lee Effects of 1-MCP treatment on physiological metabolism and fruit quality attributes of `Hwangok´ apples P-52
Nur Fauzana Mohd Kasim Effect of ethylene on gluconeogenesis in mangoes P-53
Haibo Xuan, Spoorthy Shenoy Respiration rate and ethylene production of whole and fresh-cut cucumber P-54
Combating fungal diseases and viroids
Jaroslav Matousek, Tomas Kocabek, Ajay Kumar Mishra, Sebasjan Radisek, Gerhard Steger The decrease of the propagation rate of hop viroids in pollen and a potential multifunctional role of transcription factor TFIIIA P-IHS-04
Markéta Werschallová, Josef Patzak, Alena Henychová Molecular genetics analysis of a Pseudoperonospora humuli population in hop growing areas in the Czech Republic P-IHS-05
Urban Kunej, Jernej Jakse, Maja Mikulic Petkovsek, Natasa Stajner Phenolic and miRNA response of tolerant hop cultivar Wye Target after inoculation with phytopathogenic fungus Verticillium nonalfalfae P-IHS-06
Pedro A Casquero, Santiago Gutierrez, Sara Mayo, Alejandra J. Porteous-Alvarez, Alvaro Rodríguez-González, Mercedes Maldonado-González, Guzman Carro-Huerga, Samuel lvarez-García, Sara Del Ser, Alicia Lorenzana, M Piedad Campelo Trichoderma species in hop from Orbigo valley P-IHS-07

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